Thursday, February 21, 2013

Francesco Casorati

Torino photo of a Francesco Casorati "Flying on up…" for Luci d'Artista.
Torino foto di una creazione di Francesco Casorati per Luci d'Artista: "Volo su…"

Francesco Casorati 1934 - 18.2.2013
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wilf said...

I didn't realized this was his creation until yesterday heard from the news. R.I.P Francesco Casorati!

Homing Pigeon said...

Well done, Fabrizio.

It's good to eulogise with this nice picture one of the last artists living in Turin, son of the master Felice.

R.I.P., Francesco Casorati.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Yes Wilf. "Flying on up..." was by him...

Thank you Ferdinando.

Gunn said...

Nice birds,- and great architecture.