Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cappuccini at Blue Time

Torino, at blue time (sunset), put on its best side. The photo shows Santa Maria del Monte's Church ove the top of Cappuccini's mount. In foreground: Piazza Vittorio.

Torino, all'ora blu, sfodera il suo lato migliore. La foto mostra la Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte sul Monte dei Cappuccini. In primo piano: Piazza Vittorio.
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Randy said...

So beautiful. Looks like a great place to view the sunset.

hanna said...

Torino is in such a beautiful setting with the mountains and trees behind it, and of course that clear, blue sky.

From where did you take this gorgeous photo? The view is amazing. When I enlarged it I almost felt like I was there, I could see so much of the city. I had a lot of fun looking at everything!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you very much for visiting Randy. Yes, you're right. When sunsets are so colorful as it was the day I took the photo, being Torino surrounded by mountains and the hill, it comes out so well.

Ann, I took the photo from Mole Antonelliana (you can find a lot about it also because it's the International Cinema Museum). Yes, from Mole in sunset like this each photo comes out plenty of edtails. Thank you for visiting (I also hope you will be able to come to visit Torino one day)