Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art Nouveau

I've taken this photo on the corner between via Piffetti and via Beaumont. Via Piffetti has plenty of Art Nouveau, one of the most in Torino. If you enlarge it you can get lot of detail. The corner is an acute angle (less than 90 degree).

Ho scattato questa foto sull'angolo tra via Piffetti e via Beaumont. Via Piffetti ha un'elevata concentrazione di costruzioni in stile Liberty, forse la maggiore a Torino. Se ingrandita si possono ammirare notevoli dettagli. L'angolo tra le due vie è acuto (inferiore a 90°).
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Boom Nisanart said...

I love the angle of this shot and Art Nouveau is my fav. : )

hanna said...

Nice photo of this lovely architecture. As usual with art nouveau, the detail work/craftsmanship is amazing. I'm assuming this is an apartment building.

I took the liberty (no pun intended!) of taking a "walk" down the via Piffetti via Google street view, and you weren't kidding. There is some gorgeous architecture in this area. Looks like a very pleasant section of Torino, or should I say high-rent district?! I would imagine apartments in any of the art nouveau buildings to be rather expensive; is that true?

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you Boom Nisanart !!!

Ann, you did a great job: to surf around by Google Street. I personally encourage everyone to do it and sometime I also posted some link to Google (without exciting results I must say). So, first of all: thank you. To reply to your question, yes that area is quite expensive and definitely not ordinary but not so much as people probably expect and definitely less than others area (on the hill for example) that I will show you in the near future.

Marcin said...

That's why i'd like to visit torino one day. ;))

Gunn said...

And that is why I should go back to Italy and explore MORE!:)