Saturday, August 7, 2010

A calm blue night

On a quiet and blue night I took this photo from Ponte Umberto I in Torino --- Happy weekend !

In una notte quieta e blu ho scattato questa foto dal Ponte Umberto I a Torino --- Buon Fine Settimana !
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Terry Stonecrop said...

Oh, so beautiful Blue Night!

We're having our Florida summer thunderstorms now. Not as violent as they can be tonight, but...still.

Thank you, for sharing your lovely deep blue sky and quiet night.

Randy said...

What a beautiful evening sky! So peaceful.

Rebecca Moore said...

Sono completamente gelosa che non posso vedere questa vista! Le luce sono impressionanti!

Allan Robert P. J. said...

Un giorno imparerò a fare le foto noturne come le tue. :)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Terry, in Florida by the way, you have wonderful sunsrise like THIS (open in a new window) ;-)

Thank you so much Randy !!!

Rebecca, I'm sorry... But I'm also sure you have calm, peaceful and blue sunset too. Then, you know, "Torino è casa tua" as well ;-)

Allan Robert P.J., troppo buono davvero !

Linda said...

So tranquil - a perfect summer's night captured for our enjoyment.