Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eliporto del Lingotto

The photo shows the heliport on the rooftop of Lingotto in Torino. It has been designed by Renzo Piano.

La foto mostra l'eliporto del Lingotto a Torino, disegnato e realizzato da Renzo Piano.
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Hilda said...

Absolutely amazing structure!
Reminds me of the USS Enterprise. :D

Unknown said...

It looks like a spaceship, especially with the clouds in the sky above. Wonderful photo!

Randy said...

Wow that does look like a spaceship. Very impressive.

hanna said...

Like everyone else, it DOES look like a spaceship--a very beautifully-designed one however! Piano's an incredible architect.

You took this photo at what seems to be the perfect time of day--just the right amount of light, and I like the cloud formations as well. Really nice, Fabrizio.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you ! I'm happy you love this photo so, honesatly, do I.

Linda said...

The spaceship motif is very clever - and humorous. I like design with a sense of humour.