Monday, December 15, 2008


Like every year I like to show you a shot taken to my 'minimalist' crib and just a piece of my small Christmas tree. In Italy we are used to adobe a Christmas tree and to have a crib. This photo doesn't match with Torino anyway it represents a piece of Italian tradition.

Come ogni anno mi piace mostrare una foto scattata al mio presepio 'minimalista' con un pezzo del mio piccolo albero di Natale. In Italia siamo usi addobbare l'albero di Natale e fare il presepio. Questa foto non c'entra con Torino ma rappresenta comunque un pezzo di tradizione italiana.
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Virginia said...

I need some help here. By crib do you mean creche or nativity scene, with the Holy Family? Very nice the pieces you have assembled. I like to see the traditions in other countries. I have a simple nativity scene as well.

lunarossa said...

Mi piace il tuo presepe, minimalista si' ma efficace ed anche elegante. Bella anche la foto precedente con piazza Vittorio e la neve. Quando guardo le tue foto sento nostagia di "casetta". Buona settimana. Antonella (UK)

Diederick Wijmans said...

Si, è il significato che conta e che ormai offuscato dai pensieri strettamente commerciali riguardanti questa splendida festività. Buona settimana! )Qui piove ormai giorno e notte da 4 giorni).

Jane Hards Photography said...

It's humourous and beautiful. What a wonderful idea and a perfect photo opportunity.

Linda said...

Very chic design! Sometimes (often?) less is more.

Our Christmas tree is still in the garage, having a good drink of water before it comes inside.

Anonymous said...

I use to make a Provencal crib as "artistic" as I can.
Every year,my pleasure is to choose and buy a new "santon"(only one)to date it and it deserves to be in front of the others.It's a joke for me.
Your crib is very smart and unusual.

mikeacoyle said...

ìVery nice and simple Fabrizio
Saturday I went to an exhibition of Polish cribs (Presepi di Cracovia) at the Museo Nazionale della Montagna, Monte dei Cappuccini. I highly recommend it. The cribs are unlike any I have seen before. The exhibition is on until March so there is plenty of time. There are also spectacular views of Turin from the museum's terrace.
Also, in Galleria Subalpina, near Piazza Castello, there is a special Polish crib dedicated to Turin, incorporating symbols of the city (such as Porta Nuova, La Mole). I will write a small article this week about it to put on my website.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@Virginia, creche or nativity scene? A good question but I am not able to reply. I suppose we feel "presepio" as it is in latin: "praesae¯pe" = to fasten round with a fence. Inside there's the nativity scene. Tradition impose that Jesus will put there the night between 24th and 25th of December.

@Mike, I have to admit it's a while I want to go to visit Museo della Montagna (Mountain's Museum). Thank you so so much about suggestions. For sure I will go to Galleria Subalpina too ;-)

Jilly said...

Absolutely charming and so beautiful of you to share something so personal to you.

Anonymous said...

Si è rispettata la blog-tradizione natalizia :-)

albi(francesca perani) said...

bello, molto eclettico oltre che minimalistico!)