Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Same scene

These French girls were taking a photo of via Po from my same perspective. It was the Blue Time :-)

Queste ragazze Francesi stavano fotografando dalla mia stessa prospettiva via Po all'Ora Blu :-)
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Virginia said...

Ahhh, these look like some I photographed in Paris a few weeks ago. My new Paris blog is!
This is so festive and love the people taking photos themselves.

mikeacoyle said...

@Virginia – Interesting photos. Have added you to my RSS. Always good to see places through somebody elses eyes. Haven't been to Paris for years.

@Fabrizio - I have updated my website with the photos of the crib in the Galleria Subalpina.
Great shot as usual.

Jane Hards Photography said...

Love the image within an image. Excellent as always you really do ahve an affinity for night photography.

abc said...

Great capture of a lovely scene. The light decorations seem to be at their best in the Ora Blue.