Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Torino, photo of a wonderful sunset. In these days we are having sunset like this in Torino and this one is not the best (the best was last Friday but I wasn't able to take it). By the way this one is not bad. I have taken the photo from home and on the left you can see the Monviso (the tallest one). It's the mountain "adopted" by Paramount in its logo ;-)

Torino, foto di uno stupendo tramonto. In questi giorni a Torino abbiamo avuto tramonti come questo che non è il migliore (il migliore è stato venerdì scorso ma non ho potuto fotografarlo). Tuttavia questo non è male. Ho scattato la foto da casa e sulla sinistra si può scorgere il Monviso (la montagna più alta). E' la montagna "adottata" dalla Paramount nel suo logo ;-)
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wilf said...

Beautiful sunset Fabrizio! Indeed, these few days Torino has wonderful sunset, but today the sky looks cloudy....:(. Have a nice day!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you so much Wilf !

Unknown said...

The picture captured by you of sunset is very fabulous and the quality is so awesome. You have clicked one of the best picture of the sunset. And the information shred of your city is an another good aspect. As you have taken it from your house then also the picture is very awesome.

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