Thursday, March 29, 2012

Senato Subalpino

Torino, Palazzo Madama, the last photo of the first Italian Senate (called Subalpino). After the celebrations about the Unification of Italy, it will be… disassembled. It's a deep pity.

Torino, Palazzo Madama, l'ultima foto del primo Senato Italiano (Subalpino). Dopo le celebrazioni dell'Unità d'Italia, verrà… Smontato. Un vero peccato.
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Dina said...

Oh no! Why??

Gerald (SK14) said...

With the CDPB portal currently out of action, Julie of Sydney Eye has created a page where participents in the April 1st theme (Cobblestones) can register their posts on a linky - there's a note about it on my post today.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Dina, because they have to get the hall free for other celebrations. By the way in Torino there are many other sites that could host it. It's a shame that NO ONE of managers of other museums will give his availability.

Thank you so much Gerald - Got it ;-)