Saturday, December 3, 2011

Luci d'Artista 2011 - Noi

Luci d'Artista Torino 2011 - A photo taken at the beginning of via Carlo Alberto but watching back in Carlo Alberto square. In the background the National Museum of Risorgimento.

Luci d'Artista Torino 2011 - Una foto scattata all'inizio di via Carlo Alberto ma guardando verso piazza Carlo Alberto. Sullo sfondo il Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento.

Luci d'Artista @ via Carlo Alberto

Luigi Stoisa - Noi


Adrianne Molin said...

I think that picture portrays a couple right? Guess, they're kissin', how romantic! Love it.

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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Yes Adrianne, it is a couple and yes they're kissing. Today I posted another photo about this design and I totally agree with you: it's so romantic. I am happy you love it.