Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Torino?

Why Torino? Because Torino is Torino. Enlarge the photo... it's not difficult to fall in love with Torino.

Perché Torino? Perché Torino è Torino. Ingrandite la foto... Non è poi così difficile innamorarsi di Torino.
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Lothiane said...

It is lovely... I like the details of the street lamp!

Virginia said...

Oh I"ve been in love with Torino for a very long time, thanks to you. BTW, I recently moved and we hung my photographs from my blog friends the other night. I enjoyed telling my friends about your beautiful photograph of the gentleman sweeping the rose petals in front of the church. :)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you very much Lothiane. I'm happy you like those details of the street lamp. I personally love both: the street lamps of Torino and the texture about the wall (the side wall of the Egyptian Museum). It was built (and designed) by Guarino Guarini between 1679 and 1687

Virginia, dear Virginia. Do you know I feel "disappointed" ? :-) How many time you promised to come ti visit Torino? 2011 should have been the *right* year to visit Torino. In March until November we celebrate the 150th of the Unification of Italy and Torino was the first Capital. This the reason we have Italian flags all around in almost each window (I have 2) and also the reason because each week there's a parade.

Beth Kasper said...

I've been in love with Torino, too!!!
Beautiful city!