Thursday, June 30, 2011

Piazza Castello

A frame of Piazza Castello. In the background the Royal Palace.

Un angolo di Piazza Castello. Sullo sfondo il Palazzo Reale.
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Kate said...

Interesting how you framed the square with the light in the middle of the arch.

Piccola Doll said...


passa da me se ti va

Sally said...

Ciao Fabrizio
I am wondering if you will be in Torino around July 11-12. - it is possible I could come to Torino during that time & if so would be lovely to meet for Un aperitif or cafe!!!


Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Kate I am happy you like it. I have to admit that to center the light in the middle of the arch was my purpose :-)

Piccola Doll, Grazie !

Sally, I presume I'll be in Torino those days and I'll be happy to meet you but please email me more details about your trip at