Thursday, December 9, 2010

Through the Olympic Arch

This photo shows how Torino is sorrounded by mountains (Alps). Through the red Arch that hold over the Olympic Passageway in fact it's possible to see Alps and snow. Only when I see this kind of wonderful skyline and the hill at the other side, I can say: "yes I am at home".

Questa immagine mostra come Torino sia circondata dalle montagne (Alpi). Attraverso l'Arco Olimpico infatti è possibile vedere le montagne innevate. Quando vedo questo meraviglioso panorama in uno alla collina dall'altro lato, posso dire di essere a casa.
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Crafty Green Poet said...

oh that photo reminds me of a day in Turin when we climbed up a small hill where there is a picture showing all the Alps, but they were in reality hidden by the clouds. Then when we passed by the picture again an hour or so later, all the alps had magically appeared, what a wonderful view!

Allan Robert P. J. said...

Le montagne mi affascinano ma mi sento a casa solo sul mare.

Bella foto, come sempre. :)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Juliet, your tribute it's absolutely great, thank you. Then, you centered the point. Often Alps are hidden then, suddnly, they come out and are... So great.

Robert, non solo ti capisco ma mi son sempre chiesto come facciano coloro che nati al mare si son dovuti trasferire in città non sul mare. Credo che impazzirei.

Virginia said...

I love this shot. I remember those Olympics so well!