Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Piazza della Consolata

The photo shows "Piazza della Consolata" in Torino from the Church's corner. If you take a min to enlarge the photo you will notice how fine is the building in the background.

La foto mostra "Piazza della Consolata" a Torino dall'angolo della Chiesa. Se perdete un momento a ingrandire la foto di certo noterete i dettagli del palazzo sullo sfondo.
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Randy said...

I love the way the buildings are lit.

Dina said...

A fine photo of a fine building.

hanna said...

Beautiful night photo, and I like the lighting of the buildings as well.

What a peaceful, calm place; it lives up to its name! I'm curious as to what time you took the photograph. Looks like you had the city to yourself.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Beautiful photo! Love the buildings. You live in a lovely place:)

Jilly said...

So beautiful, Fabrizio. Love the light and that dark blue sky.

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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Dina and Randy thank you *so much* !

Ann, I took the photo at 9:24pm BUT it was on 10th of August. August is the best month to take photos without people. Otherwise, in Winter, I often go out on Monday night especially if raining. Yes: I definitely love to have the city for myself.

Thank you Terry. Yes sometime I think so me too

Thank you *so much* Jilly !

-K- said...

In addition to all the other appreciative comments, I have to say that the clarity to this photo is startling.