Monday, September 20, 2010

Narrow Building

This photo shows a narrow building. In Torino there are some (this one is in via Lagrange). They were built at beginning of last century.

Questa fotografia mostra una delle diverse costruzioni "strette" che a Torino vennero costruite, in linea di massima, ai primi del '900. Questa è in via Lagrange.
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Randy said...

Interesting looking building. I like it.

Dina said...

That's really strange-looking.

Welcome home.

Kate said...

This building definitely has a "layered-look" about it. Different yet appealing; good to publish it in B&W.

joo said...

It's beautiful with the balconies, and I like the photo!

hanna said...

Welcome back, Fabrizio.

Interesting building. I especially like the balconies, and as always your B&W photos are beautiful.

Terry Stonecrop said...

It reminds me of the Flatiron Buidling in NY except this one is prettier with the balconies:)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you *so much* about your warm welcome home !!!

b.c. said...

i love this shot, its wonderful

Paolo said...

This Building was designed by Alessandro Antonelli (architect of Fetta di Polenta, most famous incredibly narrow cake slice shaped building, and Mole Antonelliana, Turin City Iconic Monument) around 1850, NOT at the beginning of XX century.
It is also called La Casa dei Balconi, (the house of Balcony, because all doors have Balcony, they are not merely Windows)or The Second "Fetta di Polenta" because this too is narrow and slice shaped.
Sixt floor was added around 1960.
In 2012 façade of the building was renewd with original colours.
I live there ;-)