Friday, July 16, 2010

Art Nouveau

Torino, as I said many times, is plenty of building designed following the Art Nouveau style. In this photo a wonderful house on the corner between corso Sommeiller and corso Re Umberto.

Torino, come detto molte volte, è ricca di costruzioni progettate seguendo lo stile Liberty (Art Nouveau). In questa foto un bellissimo esempio. La casa è sull'angolo tra corso Sommeiller e corso Re Umberto.
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Dina said...

Such graceful lines and soft colors. Nice!

Boom Nisanart said...

Cool shot !

hanna said...

The Art Nouveau architecture is one of the reasons I'd like to visit Torino. I like the angle you used to capture this lovely building.

There is another example of Art Nouveau called the Villa Scott, and I would very much like to see it when I finally make it to Torino. Do you know anything about it? I believe it is within the city limits, or maybe just outside. I have not been able to find the exact address. Any information you have, and maybe a photo (?!) would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hilda said...

Is the building really curved or is it an effect of your lens?

-K- said...

I would guess that this is a relateively new building for Torino.

I would also guess that the only building here in Los Angeles that is similiar to the one in the picture would be the Bradbury Building. It was built at the end of the Nineteenth Century in the Italian Renaissance style. It was also featured in Billy Wilder's famous film, "Double Indemnity."

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Dina and Boom Nisanart, thank *so much* about your visits and comments. I'm happy you like it.

Ann, first of all I hope you will have chance to come to visit Torino as soon as possible. Next year along celebrations of 150 years since Unification of Italy (Torino was the first Capital), will be perfect. Villa Scott is quite popular also because they played a movie popular here. Unfortunately is not kept in its best condition. I have in mind to go to take a photo of it but not in Summer because partially covered by leaveas. HERE you can have an idea about it looks like. I also hope, if you come to visit Torino, you let me know it.

Hida, yes, the building curves following the geometry of the place. If you take a look to the photo I posted today (19th of July), you'll see another built in same way.

-K- Uhm not so new. It's around the beginning of last century (1900) like Bradbury Building. I took a look on photos about BB. It's amazing inside even more than outside, isn't it?

hanna said...


Thank you for all the information you supplied regarding the Villa Scott and what will be happening in Italy next year. Sounds like I picked a good time for my visit. I plan on coming around late February/early March. My hope is to beat the crowds as well as getting the best price for accommodations.

It's a shame that some of these Art Nouveau works are not kept in the best of shape. I know that was the case in Barcelona for a long time. Luckily, when I visited that city three years ago, all the major buildings had been refurbished. Maybe with the celebrations in Italy next year, some improvements will be made in this area.

Thanks again and I will certainly let you know when I am coming to Torino.

Anonymous said...

They also shot portions of Blade Runner in the Bradbury Building.