Monday, June 28, 2010

Number one: The observer

This week a trilogy. You know, kids do love water so I took them some photos where water is easily accessible without any barrier: in Piazza Castello. The first is "The observer". He was in fact observing water pass through his hands closed around jet :-)

Questa settimana una trilogia. Come sapete i bambini amano l'acqua sicché ho preso loro qualche foto dove l'acqua è accessibile senza barriere: in Piazza Castello. La prima foto concerne "Il contemplatore". Stava infatti osservando l'acqua passare attraverso le sue mani chiuse attorno al getto :-)
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Dina said...

A sweet picture.
My grandsons would love to be there too.

Linda said...

Lovely series, showing the endless curiousity and inventiveness of children.