Monday, May 24, 2010

Sindone, l'arrivederci !

2.113.128 people passed in front of the Shroud of Turin (as is called abroad). Yesterday at 4pm the closing ceremony with the Archbishop of Torino Severino Poletto. The Holy Shroud will be keeped in the Cathedral of Torino until next exhibition. The photo shows part of the path for arriving to the Cathedral --- In past days I often thought to go there to take single photo of people but, once there, I realized that to take those kind of photos should have been unfair. In some way I would have put my nose in their personal feeling.

2.113.128 pellegrini hanno fatto visita alla Sacra Sindone. Ieri alle 16, alla presenza dell'Arcivescovo di Torino Severino Poletto la solenne cerimonia di chiusura. Il Sacro Lino verrà custodito nel Duomo di Torino sino alla prossima ostensione. La foto mostra parte del percorso di avvicinamento al Duomo. --- Nei giorni scorsi ho spesso pensato di fotografare i volti dei pellegrini ma, una volta là, mi sono accorto che quel genere di foto sarebbe stata sleale. In qualche modo avrei violato i loro sentimenti.
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Dina said...

SO MANY people came to see the shroud?! It keeps its power after all these years.
I admire your sensitivity in this matter of privacy.
The photo you DID give us is wonderful and lets us imagine the feelings.

Thank you for putting us all in closer contact with the legendary shroud.

Virginia said...

A wonderful thing that your people have the opportunity to see the shroud in person. You have, of course been sensitive to the solemnity of the occasion.
Maybe one day I will be able to see it for myself. I'd like that.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you Dina and Virginia about your comments and support about these post dedicated to the Holy Shroud.

Anonymous said...

You were much more sensitive than the Italians in the queue. They were noisy and were using flasf inside the Duomo when told not to do so. But then Italians break rules always.