Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rain and Rain

Torino, Piazza San Carlo - More or less it's raining since April... By the way: I love you Torino even under rain --- Happy Weekend :-)

Torino Piazza San Carlo - Più o meno è un mese che piove... Comunque sia: Ti amo Torino anche sotto alla pioggia --- Buon Fine Settimana :-)
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Virginia said...

But rain, rain , and rain makes your lovely flowers grow in Torino and by the way, makes for some fabulous photos like this my friend!

T. Becque said...

Fabulous perspective! I love rain all the time :)

joo said...

The same here! Beautiful photo!

Rebecca Moore said...

Il tempo fa brutto a Torino! Ma, il tuo foto è molto bello!

Linda said...

Turin looks magical in the rain through your lens.

Chuck Pefley said...

Che bello, Fabrizio!

Hilda said...

Torino always looks good in your photos, Fabrizio! Especially with cobblestones glittering from the rain.

Sarah said...

That's simply beautiful!
I always see a kind of light in your photos which is so mysterious!!

Joy said...

That's a well framed photo. I like the blue tints.

Norwich Daily Photo


Magica e fuori dal tempo....Davvero speciale!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@Virginia, you're flattering me !
@T.Becque, ssst don't tell it to anyone but *I definitely love rain* since childhood !!!
@joo, on Monday we unfortunately had sun so I presume that weather is turning. There too?
@Rebecca, ti ringrazio Rebecca, sei molto gentile !
@Linda, Torino *is* magical in the rain. My lens just capture it, I don't have any particular ability. Believe me. Any plan to return to Torino?
@Chuck, Grazie mille Chuck !
@Hilda, thank you so much. I'm afraid that Virginia and you, as said, are flattering me
@Sarah, each time Sarah you make me proud because I know how precious are your comments. I really hope you will bale to come here one day ! In Torino there's a wide community of people coming your country
@Joy, Thank you Joy for visiting my blog

@Simonetta, se sei la Simonetta del 25 Aprile scrivimi: - mi hanno inviato giorni fa una foto del tuo papà giovane che vorrei farti avere e grazie, son contento ti piaccia la foto !

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Dina said...

Rain and rain brings beauty and beauty.

dgali said...

I totally agree with Virginia!