Friday, May 28, 2010

Balcony on Torino

Yes, you can find this Bar with a terrace and a balcony on Torino, at terminus of the trolley (rack) that take people from the city to Superga. Isn't it a wonderful skyline of the city, is it?

Ebbene sì, questo Bar con terrazza e balconata su Torino è al capolinea della Cremagliera che porta a Superga. Non è un panorama stupendo?
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Dina said...

What a view, indeed!

Virginia said...

This photo and text has been stolen and published on Also, the one below.
THis is happening to countless bloggers. Please go to
the site, at the top Google Ad, click and then leave a complaint for copyright infringement. This must stop.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you Dina !

Virginia, in my case they didn't infringe completely, Creative Commons 2.5 License under that my photos are published (the same of 3.0 in USA). To be absolutely correct they should ask me how they have to ""...attribute the work in the manner specified by the author..."". Ok, they didn't ask but the link to ""Original source"", honestly, it's enough. In my case. --- BTW thank you so much !!!

Virginia said...

They are stealing photographs from countless bloggers and photographer, along with our blog texts. They are unscrupulous. Do not let them take your very fine work!

Heaven said...

Bella Torino di notte ma bella foto soprattutto!