Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sindone Details

If you enlarge the photo you can see how this frame shows a body laid down... Tomorrow I will enlarge, crop and invert (negative) what red arrows point out: crossed hand then, Saturday, it will follow the face.

Se ingrandita, la fotografia, mostra un corpo sdraiato... Domani ingrandirò, ritaglierò e volgerò in negativo ciò che le frecce rosse indicano: le mani incrociate e Sabato seguirà il volto.
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Janet said...

I've been reading about the shroud...most intriguing!

Kim said...

Wow Fabrizio, you are so lucky to get to see this in person. This is so exciting to see. I've read through the research done on the image and blood stains since the 1980s and it just fascinates me. I am so glad you got to see and photograph it and share it with us!


Dina said...

Oh my gosh, now I see the image of the body, the first time!!
Even for a non-Christian, this is very very moving.
Thank you, Fabrizio.

Fio said...

Grazie, Fabrizio.
Non ho visto mai La Sindone al vivo, solo la replica qualche anno fa in Polonia.
Quello 'incontro' mi ha fatto una grande impressione.

Saretta said...

You really got up close!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Rambling, Kim, Dina, Fio and Saretta, thank you so much. You all touched me --- I must admit I was in doubt if to publish these photos or not. A part the event connected to the exhibition, I was afraid that these details weren't interesting except people particularly religious. I personally am not but I ever found interesting... Its mistery. Real or false, religious or not, it's something definitely intriguing !

Dina said...

If not for your sensitive attention to the shroud, I would still be in the dark about it.
Thanks for showing this treasure in your city.

Hilda said...

I've just caught up with your blog after being gone for several days. These posts about the shroud are so fascinating! Even in this image, I can see the arms, hand and head already. Whether it is Jesus or not, the fact that the cloth has the image is already a real mystery. Thank you for posting these, Fabrizio.