Monday, November 16, 2009

Torino Film Festival 2009

Torino Film Festival or TFF (<-- in English) International Feature Film Competition is at 27th edition from 13th to 21st of November. Torino Film FEstival and Luci d'Artista (in this photo in Piazza San Carlo) are two good reasons to come to Torino this week.

Torino Film Festival o TFF (<-- in Italiano) giunto alla 27° edizione e in essere dal 13 al 21 Novembre opportunamente ignorato dalla RAI secondo norma, è con Luci d'Artista (qui in Piazza San Carlo) una buona occasione per una visita a Torino nel corso della settimana.
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Linda said...

MORE good reasons to come to Turin! It's getting difficult to choose.

Virginia said...

I wish I had the euros and I would hop the next plane to Torino and see all of this for myself! Great shot. Love the angle!

Dina said...

How I wish I could come!