Saturday, August 29, 2009

At the feet of History

Ah Summer... It's never time to go to bed and people here were talking at feet of History. At my left in fact there's the Risorgimento Museum (Risorgimento ""was the political and social movement that agglomerated different states of the Italian peninsula into the single state of Italy in the 19th century"" <-- from Wikipedia) Ah l'Estate... Non è mai ora di andare a dormire e la gente qui stava parlando ai piedi della Storia. Alla mia sinistra infatti c'è il Museo del Risorgimento" (Il Risorgimento era un movimento socio-politico volto a unire l'Italia)
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Linda said...

Ah, warm summer nights. They're what we don't have in Scotland!

Rob Siemann said...

Nice shot. At least these people seem united. Until they stat talking about italian politics, that is.

Hilda said...

I hear that Italy's local governments are still much stronger than its national government. Is that true?

Those columns look huge!