Monday, February 9, 2009

A corner

The historical Torino: this corner is between via San Dalmazzo and via Barbaroux. Please enlarge the image and notice how beautiful and how well is preserved that corner building.

La Torino storica: questo angolo è tra via San Dalmazzo e via Barbaroux. Ingrandite l'immagine per osservare quanto bello e ben conservato sia la costruzione d'angolo.
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Virginia said...

I'm first (primo??) . Absolutely a gorgeous building with such fine details but also the street with the intricate brick is a work of art as well. Torino is a beautiful place. Grazie.

Hilda said...

Definitely worth the closer look — the details are amazing!

Linda said...

Very beautiful indeed. And what is that enticing shop? It looks like a delicatessen?

Kim said...

Fabrizio, this is a wonderful image to linger on. I love your perspective and the feeling of being right there. I love how you've caught the pedestrian framed in the doorway light.
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Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Thank you to everybody and Lindab... I really don't know. I enlarged the original and it seems a modern bakery. I promise I will check ;-)

abc said...

I like the subtle decorations on the building and the colours.