Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pasta Defilippis

Since 1934 Defilippis produce any kind of pasta. It's an artigianal production in their workroom in via Lagrange 39. It's probably the best pasta store in Torino.

Dal 1934 Defilippis produce una grande varietà di pasta nel suo laboratorio artigianale in via Lagrange 39. E' probabilmente il miglior pastificio in Torino.
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Anonymous said...

How you been Fabrizio? How are the wrists? I hope you are OK. Have not seen you around much lately.

This is certainly a nice photograph. It looks like they must sell a lot of pasta and sauces and the makings for a meal.

Tanya Breese said...

What a great shop!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@Abraham, first of all and ever, thank you about your visit. Then:

A)- You're in right I'm not too around lately but I have less free time due work. I hope things will turn better in future. Then, to keep updated the blog with excellent -sort of- photos (my primary purpose) after more than one year, is beginning to be exhausting

B)- My wrist is ok now thank you. Then I'm left-handed so it hasn't been difficult to learn to use mouse with left hand and right wrist, now, is quite restored :-)

Tanya, thank you, yes indeed it is !!!

Jilly said...

Now this is my sort of shop, Fabrizio. I can't live without pasta and eat it every day. Yes, I know I live in France but that's how it is.

I must have missed the story of your wrist. I'll look back and try and find that post. Glad to know you are Ok now.

Kate said...

Dear Fabrizio, Even if it is exhausting to post photos when one is busy, please don't leave! I love your blog because it gives me an entre into another world! If I ever visit Torino, I'll head first for this shop, before I even stop to say "hello" to you!!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@Jilly, No, you won't find any "story" about my wrist in the past posts. It was something Abraham and I started to share each other time ago by crossed comments

@Kate, No I am not actually planning to leave in short even if I had. At the other side, comments like your are an encouragement to go on :-)

mikeacoyle said...

Fabrizio, do you ever make your own pasta? Looks like a nice shop. I have never been but walk past it almost every day. Must give it a try.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@mikeacoyle, No. My grand mother was used and someone is still used to make his / her own pasta. Not exactly me... Sorry.