Monday, March 24, 2008

La bottega di Guido Gobino

I realized this photo by la Bottega di Guido Gobino (<--- the site is in English too and deserves a trip). I'll do more photos in future but at this time (Easter time) may be nice to take a look on how his chocolate production looks like.

Ho scattato questa fotografia presso la Bottega di Guido Gobino. Farò ulteriori fotografie in futuro ma al momento (tempo di Pasqua) può essere carino dare uno sguardo su come appare la sua produzione di cioccolato.
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Kate said...

Chocolate at any time of year pleases me!

Anonymous said...

I love this picture, Fabrizio.

I hope you have a nice week to match your very nice photo.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

 gmirage said...

I was thinking what those are before I read what you wrote, at first I thought they are casino pieces and dice. =D

• Eliane • said...

My kind of shop. But of course Belgians are picky for their chocolates. It is very serious matter! I see they have orangettes - I'll take 5 of those please. Grazzie.