Saturday, February 16, 2008

Looking for Dolly

This is not that classic photo to promote and to show Torino. I saw it yesterday at bus stop and it touched me a lot. Often happen to see announce like this but this one is different and let understand that they went to choose it at municpal dog-house. This also means their love to forsaken pets... I would really like to help them.

""We've lost a small female dog by Fiat Motor Village. She's very young, white with her pretty face and ears quite brown. She's frightened but very sweet and "good girl". She was just come out from municipal dog house so her name is Dolly but actually she doesn't recognize any name with whom you call her. If you see her please call one of below numbers. We will provide to a recompense.""

Ingrandendo la foto si legge anche in Italiano. Aiutiamoli a trovare Dolly.
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Kate said...

Fabrizio, I certainly hope they find that little dog. They must care a great deal to go to the trouble of making that large sign.

Nikon said...

Nice post, Fabrizio. I agree, it makes your heart go out to the owners.
I hope that they find their dog - I hope that Dolly gets rescued twice!

[G@ttoGiallo] said...

Since I live in this area I've found 2 cats and 1 little dog.
I'm not far from République and the dog was lost in the Madeleine area !

isa said...

Dolly is a survivor - she'll be found! (can you tell I'm an optimist?)