Saturday, December 15, 2007

Luci d'Artista 10- Planetario

Carmelo Giammello - Planetarium
Along via Cernaia and via Pietro Micca he put a lot of these grids with a constellation on. Orion, Little bear and many other. As usual for more detail (in the second half of the page clicking over the author's name and in English): Contemporary Arts Torino Piemonte.

Carmelo Giammello - Planetario
lungo via Cernaia e via Pietro Micca queste griglie che rappresenato le diverse costellazioni: Orione, Orsa Maggiore, Minore ecc. Al solito, per avere maggiori dettagli (nella seconda parte della pagina clicccando sul nome dell'artisa): Contemporary Arts Torino Piemonte.
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Annie said...

What a visual education for those of us who want to see more clearly what is in the sky.

Z said...

My kind of art! And I like the photo as well.

Nikon said...

Very nice idea for a piece of art!
The sky is a perfect blue, too.

Pat said...

Really nice art work! Thanks for sharing.


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julianlenkoff said...

very nice pictures

Gwen said...

The transparency and intricacy of the constellation design is very creative.

Unknown said...

i like this photo!

i never know what the stars etc are!