Monday, November 12, 2007

Ponte Isabella

The river (Po) and the hill run together along the city. Torino in fact developed mostly along the river. Ponte Isabella is one of bridges that link the city to the hill.

Il fiume (Po) e la collina corrono paralleli lungo la città. Torino infatti si è sviluppata soprattutto lungo il fiume. Il Ponte Isabella è uno dei ponti the collegano la città alla collina.
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Kate said...

I'm surprised to see a photo taken by day, but it's a lovely photo. As picturesque as your outstanding night pictures.

Annie said...

The contours of the city are delightful and the river Po adds so much beauty to the scene.

Ming the Merciless said...

I love the Ponte Isabella in the background and the red roofs in the foreground. Beautiful photo of the city.

Sorry I haven't been visiting Torino DP. I've been working a lot lately so I only have time to post a photo and then go to sleep.

calusarus said...

Really a nice landscape.

Jorge said...

your day photos are just outstanding, as well as the ones taken at night. .

nice shot ;) very nice.

Anonymous said...

Something same as in Joensuu - the river and the hill and they makes a lot to the whole atmosphere of our towns, I think.

Eyes just are resting by looking at your picture.
Have a good beginning week!

( I send to yoy an email to your gmail account, did you see it ? )

JM Vigil said...

Enchanting is the word that came to my mind the instant I saw your photo.

Nikon said...

Beautiful shot, it looks like you still have some warm weather there.
The Po and the bridge almost look like the Arno in this shot :)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@ Kate, Jorge, Jules, Nikon: again, you make me blush :-)

@ Annie, Calusarus: thank you very much indeed !

@ Ming: i really understand you 'cause your problem is the mine (it's 2:53am now and tomorrow I have to get up at 6:00)... So, please, we're in same boat :-)

@Leena: I got your email, thank you, you flatter me. Tomorrow I'll reply to you :-)

Eone said...

Fabrizio, would you reckon me any books for photography that shall I read for a virgin like me ?

isa said...

Spectacular view of the river - so much greenery!

And Ponte Isabella is beautiful, as expected ;-)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Ah ISabella I was waiting for you... And the bridge.

Beauties always walk together :-)