Sunday, August 19, 2007

Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento

As said HERE showing the skyline of Torino from Mole Antonelliana, this is the National Museum of Risorgimento. This museum illustrates the process of political unification of Italy. The building is the back of Palazzo Carignano where the museum has been transferred in 1938.

Come detto QUI mostrando lo skyline di Torino dalla Mole Antonelliana, questo è il Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento. Questo museo illustra il processo di unificazione dell'Italia. Il palazzo è il retro di Palazzo Carignano dove il museo è stato trasferito nel 1938.
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Kate said...

Another great night shot with beautiful lighting. I wonder, how much time do you spend photographing at night?

Nikon said...

I have to echo Kate - your night shots are fabulous. There is a special quality to the temperature of the light.
Having the light falling on beautiful buildings is even better :)

Anonymous said...

Nice shot. I like your photography, Fabrizio, and I am feeling better today in my wrists.

Bergson said...

A superb photograph of night.
I would like to know the exposure time

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@ Kate, Nikon: First of all this building is really well enlighted. Normally I go out to take photos twice or three time per month and I spend an evening - night to take several photos that will be my portfolio for a while ;-) This photo required 15mins and I took two (sometime a bit more). Then same time (10-15 mins) in post production. Thank you for appreciation !

@ Abraham, I'm happy you are feeling better !!!

@Jules, Yes I agree !

@ Bergson, Thank you for your comment. Exif data says: 2sec F10 100Iso.