Friday, August 10, 2007

La Consolata 2

I think this could be the last photo about Consolata (until I will have chance to visit it and take some photo inside). If you enlarge the photo you can read just over columns: "Augustae taurinorum Consolatrix et Patrona" it's Latin and it means "Consoler and Patroness of Torino" (Torino was Augustae Taurinorum). Subject of sentence is The Madonna and it's relate at the Colera epidemic tragedy in 1835 when citizen were committed to The Virgin Lady (1841).

Penso che questa posa essere per il momento l'ultima fotografia circa la Consolata (almeno sino a quando non ho modo di prendere qualche fotografia all'interno). Ingrandendo la foto si può leggere appena sopra al colonnato: "Augustae taurinorum consolatrix et patrona". Con la funzione propiziatrice, in occasione del colera del 1835, in cui la cittadinanza venne affidata alla Vergine 1841 "Augustae Taurinorum Consolatrix et Patrona" (Consolatrice e Patrona della Città di Torino).
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Anonymous said...

It's very beautiful, and I would love to see the interior...looking forward to it. I really love the night shots...

Marcin said...

Hi Fabrizio.
Finally I've got a bit time to watch my favourites blogs.
Are all church in Torino so wonderfull and majestic? I've notice unlike in Wroclaw the whole lamps give a white lights (or maybe it because of your camera?). In Wroclaw we have more yellow lights. Sometimes maybe it's better, but the churches in white light look much better.
To this lovely crowded caffees nex to the churches they look great. But here you can hardly find placec like this. Maybe because people here thinks that it shouldn't be any pubs, caffees close to the church? But in Krakow there is a place almost like this. ;))

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Ming is so right, your night photos are the best. Splendid!

(BTW, I want you to know that I read your message regarding my Italian and I answered it, but either I forgot to click "publish" or Blogger ate my comment :(. In a nutshell, I said that, in my case, the lack of practice affects my ability to speak a language more than it does to write it. Much to my despair, I now speak Spanish with a pronounced North American accent, but at least I still can write it as a native. Will I visit Torino some day? But of course! It might take a couple of years but I will definitely visit your city in the near future. I hope we can meet for a taste of that very special red vermouth at the Caffé Mulassano. Buon fine settimana. Ciao!

Anonymous said...

As always, your photos are so beautiful and meaningful.

Nikon said...

I agree with everyone about your incredible night shots - especially the "white" light.
That church has a very interesting shape to it.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

follow an email tomorrow :-)

@Paul and everybody... Thank you very much indeed !!! Now I really need to rest. It's 5:16am here :-(

Anonymous said...

Great series of shots - really capture what it must be like to sit out and eat in the evenings in Torino, with the magical light from the buildings