Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Valentino's Castle

This is the Valentino's Castle taken from the other side of river Po. Its original roof recall French architecture of XVI century thanks to Madama Cristina di Francia (wife of Vittorio Amedeo I) and Queen herself from 1637 to 1663. She loved this castle and changed its court and façade to the city (at the other side, see tomorrow). I took this photo in a brillian windy evening. Further details about the castle HERE.

Questo è il Castello del Valentino fotografato dall'altro lato del Po. Il suo tetto originale richiama l'architettura francese del XVI secolo grazie a Madama Cristina di Francia (moglie di Vittorio Amedeo I) e Regina essa stessa dal 1637 al 1663. Ella amò questo castello e ne fece cambiare cortile e facciata verso la città (dall'altro lato, cfr. domani). Presi questa fotografia in una serata ventosa. Maggiori dettagli cica il castello QUI.
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isa said...

Mamma mia! That's some castle!
And your photo is better than those on the link provided ;-)

Nazzareno said...

Il "Mamma mia" di Isabella è sacrosanto. Come non restare affascinati da tanto splendore, che non è solo nel Castello, ma anche in tutto quell'ambiente da "giardino delle fate" che hai catturato così bene.

Marcin said...

Nice to watch your photos again. And how usually great photos.
See you tomorrow. ;)))

yournotalone said...

You've chosen perfect spot for the photo

Nikon said...

Beautiful shot, Fabrizio. I especially like the reflection in the water & the green trees illuminated by the castle lights.
Do you do anything special with your white balance settings?

Beetle said...

Your photo is also so Valentino feeling Fabrizio...beautiful one!

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture, Fabrizio. I like it. It looks a lot like an old master oil painting.

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Sally said...

Looks like a classic "fairytale" liek castle. And, as usual, briliant night time photography.

Ming the Merciless said...

How interesting! I am reading a book about an Australian who traveled from Milan to Rome on a Vespa. Just finished chapter 3 set in Brioni across the bridge from River Po.

Have you been to Broni? The books says it's famous for its Asti Spumante.

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful. I love castles. Can never get enough of them :)