Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The night of shooting stars

In Italy on 10th of August is San Lorenzo's night, the night of shooting stars and people are used to express a wish when see one of them. In this photo, if you enlarge it, there's not exactly a star but a planet: Venus. Anyway I hope you will realize each of your desire :-) --- Tomorrow same photo (taken from Mole Antonelliana) more close to some building.

Il 10 di Agosto, ieri, era la notte di San Lorenzo, quella in cui ognuno di noi, vedendo una stella cadere esprime un desiderio. In questa foto (meglio se ingrandita) si vede Venere, non esattamente una stella, diciamo impropriamente un astro ;-) In ogni caso Auguro a tutti il realizzarsi di ogni desiderio :-) --- Domani foto analoga (fra l'altro scattata dalla Mole Antonelliana) più dettagliata.
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Hilda said...

Alright, I have just made my wish. Thank you, Fabrizio. I learned something new today. And your photo is so beautiful!

Lachezar said...

Mesmerizing night shot. The larger image is pure magic!

ann said...

I made my wish, although I'd rather be there to do it in person. The sky in Torino is so blue and clear, and the city looks beautiful.

Where I live we are having lots of heat and humidity, making the sky always a bit hazy--you can't see anything! So, I am really appreciating these recent shots--thank you. Fortunately, our weather is supposed to improve by the weekend.

Terry Stonecrop said...

I enlarged it.

It's so beautiful. Love the deep blue! Hope you realize each of your desires, too:)

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Unfortunately this year I didn't see any shooting star yet but I keep in mind my desires watching the sky each clean night of these days ;-) I honestly thought that "the shooting star" legend was popular abroad too but I'm seeing is just another Italian tale (a nice one by the way).

Ann, I must say that the sky you're seeing in this photo (that I took last 7th of August) is RARE in Summer and in fact I decided to be in line for almost 1 hour before to get the lift to the top of the Mole. Unfortunately in Summer we have heat and humidity as well :-(