Friday, August 13, 2010

Santuario di Maria Consolatrice

I took and showed many photo of this church but from different angles. It's the Sanctuary of Maria Consolatrice more popular in Torino as "La Consolata". It's another building realized by Guarino Guarini as the Torino's Cathedral and the magnificent San Lorenzo's Church.

Ho scattato e mostrato più foto di questa Chiesa ma da diverse angolazioni. E' il Santuario di Maria Consolatrice più nota a Torino come La Consolata. E' un altra realizzazione di Guarino Guarini come il Duomo e la stupenda Chiesa di San Lorenzo.
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Jack said...

Good night photo with the white building against the darkness.

Randy said...

What a beautiful photo! The lighting conveys a peaceful mood.

Dina said...

The lighting brings out its beauty even more.

Hilda said...

The architecture is magnificent and the lighting makes it even more beautiful. I think it also helps that your photography is absolutely stunning!