Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Naked Bike Ride

Yesss Torino is on the list of 70 cities of 20 countries affiliated to the World Naked Bike Ride event. So, last June the 12th they cycled in the city and the photo... proves it. Or not ? :-)

Ebbene sì Torino è tra le 70 città di 20 Paesi affiliati al World Naked Bike Ride. Lo scorso sabato 12 Giugno dunque hanno pedalato in città come la foto credo... mostri. O no? :-)
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T. Becque said...

Such an interesting idea. But they don't look so naked.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful concept this is, and timely too, given the situation in the Gulf these days. At the risk of sounding like a cynical pessimist, it is inspiring to see people out there who really care about the environment and are taking action. Here in the U.S. where people consume unspeakable amounts of oil with impugnity, and our "leaders" do nothing to alter this mindset or much of anything else, it is difficult to not feel angry. I could go on and on. But thank you so much for the photo and the information; you lifted my spirits today.

ann p said...

I just wrote the previous comment, but wanted to make my user name known and not be anonymous. I'm a bit from the old school and still working on my internet skills.

KarolaPamp said...

Hi Fabrizio.
We haven't been here from ages. So nice to see your works and city again. ;))
Especially we are a cyclists. ;))
Anyway. We've brought our blog to live so hope you'll be visit us again. ;))
Take care.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

T.Becque, no in fact but essence of meeting was to keep alive attention on pollution.

ann p, first of all thank you for visiting my blog. I agree completely with you also because, talking about what is happening in the Gulf, in my opinion, is much more devastating than a war. We all (not in US only) must to persuade to start to use alternative source of energy that, of course doesn't pass by nuclear power for sure.

KarolaPam, I am happy you are back ! I wrote something on your blog :-)

Dina said...

Ha, I'm glad they have enough sense not to sit on a bike seat completely naked.

Babzy said...

very funny !;)