Sunday, June 13, 2010

School's Finished !

In Torino it's tradition that the last day of school students go in Piazza Castello to take a bath into small fountains. I envy them and I love their happiness !

E' tradizione, a Torino, l'ultimo giorno di scuola, andare a fare il bagno nelle piccole fontane in Piazza Castello. Oltre a invidiarli non poco gioisco della loro felicità !
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Tash said...

Ah, the thrill and beauty of youth. Excellent capture. I like the two girls on the side too, congratulating each other.

Dina said...

The picture of happiness! Good for them!

Linda said...

A very happy day! They wouldn't be able to do that here in Scotland, I can tell you!

Jilly said...

Ah Fabrizio, this so reminds me of my photo of Turin + water! I love these founds in Pizza Castello with no barriers. I remember children playing in and around them. This is a fabulous shot. I too love their happiness, which they don't mind sharing with you - and therefore, us.

Jackie said...

That's a really happy photo. Linda's right, I wouldn't want to recreate this photo in Scotland! Though Sibiu did have a fountain just like that, it was a wonderful spot when it got too hot.

Kunal Bhatia said...

Ah, seems like a wonderful way to beat the heat. Sadly Mumbai has no such public fountains. But then we have the Arabian sea :)
- Mindless Mumbai

Eleonora said...

Bellissima, Fabrizio. Davvero rappresentativa dei festeggiamenti di fine scuola.

I've always wondered what it is with young kids, end of school and water. The 3 elements are inseparable. It was the same for me too, when I was that age: the last day of school was a triumph of water balloons and hormones.


Saretta said...

Yay! School's out for summer!

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Well thank you to each of you !!! I'm happy you appreciated the event (the photo is just a tribute). I agree with Tash: I love especially the two girls on left side (congratulating each other).

Dina, yes this is the point: happiness. Useless to say I would have loved to be at their place :-)

I remember Linda and Jackie how Scotland weather is not exactly hot especially in June :-( But young people (and not only) a part when the school is finished, if weather is really hot, they pass (happy) through the small fountains all the time. Few days ago I saw an American family with two girls and it was funny because they were shy... But at the end they didn't resist and passed through water as other guys and girls :-)))

I am sorry Kunal you didn't have public fountains :-( but, as you said you have Arabian sea. Torino is far 140 Km from sea so you're luckier :-)

Grazie Eleonora. Son felice ti piaccia. I have to say that the feeling was of pure joy :-)

Eh Saretta I think you know something about school's finished, isn't it?