Saturday, June 26, 2010

Il Teatro e la Cultura

In Germany Angela Merkel is facing recession with a severe financial manoeuvring that in any case doesn't cut anything that concern Culture and School. Of course in Italy is happening just the opposite. The photo shows what masters of Torino Royal Opera Theatre wrote in the main entrance of the theatre. If you enlarge you can read that "Theatre it's not a gala dinner. Theatre is... Back pain, colors, history, night working, culture, temporary employment, passion, dust, movement, flexibility, danger, accidents and sensibility" but those poor morons at Governement for sure won't understand.

In Germania Angela Merkel ha varato una manovra finanziaria che non tocca Cultura e Istruzione. Naturalmente in Italia sta accadendo giusto l'opposto. La foto mostra ciò che i professori d'orchestra del Teatro Lirico Regio di Torino hanno scritto su uno striscione all'ingresso del Teatro. E' sufficiente ingrandire per leggere ma dubito che ciò possa far presa alcuna su taluni ottusi.
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Kate said...

It's very difficult right now for many countries, and I'm concerned about the economics, including our own. Like you, I decry cuts in fine arts. It seems that there really are no "safe" areas; belts need to be tightened in many different ways.

Terry Stonecrop said...

I like the photo, the affect, and the sentiment.

We are no strangers to morons in government here. :) I guess we all try to persevere.

Sometimes it seems like a losing battle, though, doesn't it?

Linda said...

Cuts here too just now, and the arts are coming in for attention :(

Virginia said...

IT seems to be the same all over the world but I think some countries are more committed to the arts than others. The US cetainly isn't one of those. They'll cut the arts and education without thinking twice.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Kate, Terry, Linda and Virgina, thank you so much. Unfortuntaely doesn't help too much to know we aren't alone in this dark time of our life... But your support helps a lot !!!

Dina said...

Well said, by both you and the poster.