Friday, August 28, 2009

Libreria Luxemburg

...As most of you guessed it is the Luxemburg Bookshop. It is one of most old bookshop in Torino (it was opened in 1872) and who changed it in a modern international bookshop is Angelo Pezzana.

...Come molti di voi avranno indovinato, si tratta della Libreria Luxemburg. E' forse la più antica libreria in Torino (aperta nel 1872) e chi la cambiò in una libreria moderna, funzionale e internazionale è Angelo Pezzana.
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Leif Hagen said...

Ah, Libreria Luxemburg! I was almost close with "Luigi's libreria!" Ha!

Linda said...

Thanks Fabio - another item for our list for our next visit.

lunarossa said...

Many memories are connected to this library! This is where I bought my first book in English and hence my love for languages started. Ciao. A.