Sunday, June 24, 2012

Farò di Torino 2012

Today, 24th of June, is the the Patron Saint of Torino: San Giovanni Battista. In this photo that I took on 23rd night (past edition) the traditional farò (bonfire) in Piazza Castello. To get twelve months of luck for the city, the Bull (Toro in italian) on top of the bonfire (if you enlarge maybe you can see it) it must fall down to the mine side (not to the opposite side to the Royal Palace !)... Where did it fall? Tomorrow the mystery will be revealed :-)

Oggi 24 Giugno è il Santo Patrono di Torino: San Giovanni Battista. In questa foto che ho scattato il 23 sera (in una passata edizione): il tradizionale farò (falò) in Piazza Castello. Perché la città possa godere di fortuna e prosperità per 12 mesi, il Toro in cima al farò (allargando l'immagine lo si può vedere) deve cadere verso la piazza (non verso Palazzo Reale !)... Dove è caduto? Domani il mistero verrà svelato :-)
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Meg in Nelson said...

Goodness, that's one big fire!

Dina said...

Oh yes, I see the bull! I hope he fell to the auspicious side.
Happy birthday to John the Baptist. I live right near where he was born and lived. Lots of celebrations (religious) going on this feast day.

Valladolid Daily Photo said...

Fire has something that haunts.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

It is Meg !!!

Tht's so interesting Dina. I really didn't know where he was born.

Definitely, VDP. Fire has something evocative and primordial.

**By the way it seems that the bull has fallen to the right side = that means prosperous year (we need it so much)**