Sunday, November 13, 2011

L'Italia Liberata

** 12th of November 2011 - Italy got back its dignity **

(the photo shows: three colors arrows over Torino last May during the 84° National Parade of Alpine troops)


Nikon said...

Beautifully composed photo, Fabrizio!
I hope that you are pleased with the political news :)

Dina said...

You waited a long time for this turning point. Good luck for a better future.

Fio said...

Nel primo momento pensavo che il titolo toccasse a dimissioni...
Pero' bella la composizione :-)

Marco said...

Ok, we finally get rid of him! :)
And now what? We sure need lots of luck for the future.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

well Paul: I definitely I am !!!!! Thank you about your ever welcomed visits

You Dina remember well !!!!! It's since 2008 (the photoblog started at 2007) that I've ever said how he was unappropriate (just to be polite).

Fio: Sìììì riguarda proprio le dimissioni !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marco I definitely agree with you. A part the happiness concerning his resignation, now, I'm afraid we have to face many troubles