Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The New Mayor of Torino

Since... Today Piero Fassino is the new Mayor of Torino. Torino Daily Photo and I wish him the best :-)

Da... Oggi Piero Fassino è il nuovo Sindaco di Torino. Torino Daily Photo e io gli Auguriamo Buon Lavoro :-)
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Kate said...

I often wonder why people run for office since so often it's a thankless job; however, there are some perks! I hope that this man does well for your city.

lunarossa said...

Mi associo. In bocca al lupo. Ciao. A.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

Kate, for sure you are right in many (probably most) of cases but previous Mayor of Torino: Mr. Chiamparino, after ten years, is *truly* loved by most of citizen.

Grazie A. :-)

Hassan Bogdan Pautàs said...

Come saprai, non ho votato per Piero Fassino. Proprio per questo, oggi apprezzo la sua decisione di dimettersi da deputato: mi sembrava un atto dovuto, ma il fatto che abbia deciso di farlo è un bel segnale per la Città. In ogni caso, mi associo agli auguri. E' e deve essere il Sindaco di tutti, non c'è dubbio.

zakton said...

He looks like a wise man. Hope he'll do his job well and people of Torino will be happy.

Gunn said...

It looks cold where you are.(Thick coats.)
Anyway, he looks like a friendly man, who will probably do a very goos job for your city/region and the people living in Torino.

Gunn / Norway.

PS. I like to read your text in Italian too.I do remember a few words here and there... from an Italian course and from visiting your country a few times.

Fabrizio Zanelli said...

@Gunn, not now, really. It's almost Summer and it's a bit more hot than usual. I have taken this photo in March. That the reason about his coat :-)

I am happy you remember some words in Italian. At the other side I cannot said the same of my Norvegian. I took many year ago the Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes. A wonderful experience indeed but I forgot those few words I learned :-(

Rino said...

Brava persona.
Viva l'Italia