Friday, September 26, 2008

via Mercanti

There are many streets that are closed to cars in Torino and some of them are very long (like via Garibaldi) but I've ever loved this very short piece of via Mercanti (between via Pietro Micca and via Monte di Pietà) that for some reason remind me to Rome.

Ci sono molte vie chiuse al traffico in Torino e qualcuna anche molto lunga (via Garibaldi) ma mi è sempre piaciuto questo breve tratto di via Mercanti (tra via Pietro Micca e via Monte di Pietà) che per qualche ragione mi rimanda a Roma.
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Virginia said...

Fabrizio, Your comments today are very much appreciated. High praise coming from such a wonderful photographer as yourself. I think this stree you show us to day is so charming. I would love to stroll it with my camera.
Please come back on Saturday, my 100th post!

Hilda said...

I love the idea of closing off streets to cars! I wish Metro Manila would too, especially in the older sections. This looks like a lovely place to take a stroll in. The street lamps are gorgeous!

Jilly said...

Love this street and so nice to see relaxed people strolling along it. Lovely photo. There's a car on Monte Carlo today, Fabrizio! Just for you.

Coltrane_lives said...

I can understand why you love the via Mercanti! A splendid path to stroll. Good weekend to you!

Massim. said...

Sì. Ma anche no. :-)

Tash said...

I bow to you again! You are an absolute MASTER of night photography. Just majestic!