Monday, September 8, 2008

Piazza Carlina 1

This photo has been taken in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II but for those reasons none doesn't know, people, shortened it in Piazza Carlina. So none know it by ts real name (Google Maps know both names). This is just a corner of the square with via Maria Vittoria.

Questa foto è stata scattata in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II ma per quelle ragioni che nessuno conosce, la gente, ha abbreviato il nome in Piazza Carlina. Sicché nessuno la conosce attraverso il suo vero nome (Google Maps conosce entrambi i nomi). Questo è giusto un angolo della piazza con via Maria Vittoria.
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Laurie said...

So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Si dice che "Carlina" fosse il soprannome del re (non della piazza).
Per la sua bassa statura (un po' come un ministro attuale... :) ) e aper i suoi modi non prpriamente virili.
James P. Sullivan.

Virginia said...

My new email does indeed have a glitch. I am going to the Apple store for a lesson tomorrow and get it all fixed up I hope. I will email you.thanks.
PS Great night shot , AGAIN! I need some of your expertise in this area.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

James.P.Sullivan you are right. Also Matilde emailed me same... Tale(?) About the square and its name. The point is that I didn't find anything of sure about it, that the reason because I didn't mention it.

In few words *voice of mouth* say that King Carlo Emanuele II of Savoia Kingdom wasn't... exactly Tall and -they said- exactly macho (maybe gay?) so citizen turned the name of the square into feminine and in diminutive: Carlo --> Carla (feminine) + ina (little) = Carlina.

mikeacoyle said...

Interesting to read the origins of the name. I never knew either why Carlina. Thanks.
The square is next to my house and is beautiful, especially in winter when they have the 'Luci d’Artista' - I love the multicoloured glass they sometimes use for the lamp posts.