Friday, September 5, 2008

Lampioni di Torino 1

This photo shows a bunch of street lamps in Torino at nightime. As Jilly (Menton & Montecarlo DP) and Sally (Sydney DP) supposed, yes, they are... Crowned at the top of every single light.

Questa foto mostra alcuni lampioni di Torino fotografati nottetempo. Come Jilly (Mentone & Montecarlo DP) e Sally (Sydney DP) hannpo supposto, sì, hanno una corona sopra ogni singola luce.
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Coltrane_lives said...

Royal lighting...nice touch.

Virginia said...

Lovely night photo as usual.

Laurie said...

I knew you'd have some beautiful streetlamps for me, Fabrizio!

This is just gorgeous.

Kate said...

Your night photos are always exceptional!