Monday, August 11, 2008

via Garibaldi

Quite late into the night. By the way someone is walking along via Garibaldi. In the background: Palazzo Madama.

Abbastanza tardi di notte e comunque qualcuno sta passeggiando lungo via Garibaldi. Sullo sfondo: Palazzo Madama.
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Coltrane_lives said...

Would love to be strolling on via Garibaldi...early or late. Really enjoy your street scenes, Fabrizio!
Ciao for now.

Virginia said...

The via Garibaldi is gorgeous. OK fess up. DO you have a tripod out there at night? If not I need to know what you are doing right and I am doing wrong. Your night photographs are just great.

Kate said...

The row of lights is very uniform and stand out in this lovely night photo.

Rambling Round said...

I see the night life is all lit up...great photo.

Jilly said...

is there anywhere in Torino that isn't beautiful? You don't need to answer. I know it! So many people out on a glorious summer's night.

Lily Hydrangea said...

beautiful lights Fabrizio!

babooshka said...

The angle says you don't use a tripod. The two sets of lights on opposing sides really draws you in into the image. Beautiful.

Kim said...

Fabrizio, The lights in yesterday's photo appear to be incandescent (yellowish) but the lights in this street shot appear bluish and cold, like florescent light. Is the city converting to energy efficient bulbs? Or did you set your white balance this way? My bet is that you ARE using a tripod or some steadying device (like Ben's clever washer and string portable stablizer tip, or a sand bag atop a car roof) because I've not met any night photographers that can achieve such clarity with out one if they shoot with a digital SLR.
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Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

I'm sorry I cannot update the blog because it is very late and I have to sleep a bit (almost three hours) but I have to reply to Virginia and to Babooshka too.

In my night photos and sometime I daylight too: I *ever* use a tripod (Manfrotto). The best way to get some result in night photo is to close almost at F/5.6 or F/8 so time decrease proportionally. Without tripod should be impossible to get those results. This photo has been taken at:
200 ISO (default in Nikon 300D)
1/4 sec
then I worked in post production to get best compromise in colour temperaure. Usually night photos should be as cold as possible (around to 2700K) but, of course, most depend of kind of photos. A good night shot, in my opinion, doesn't show yellow lights but not blue... I am happy that my way to personalize them seems to meet your taste :-)

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

@kim, your comment arrived when I posted mine. You are partially in right. You are in right because I work on white balance as I said but I don't turn colour out of reality. If you enlarge each night photo you will obtain what my eyes caught seeing that picture in reality. So lamps are more white than bluish. Of course they aren't yellowish as any camera should get it.

Then you are again in right: shouldn't impossible to get some reult with a good (and unfortunately: heavy) tripod.

Jackie said...

This is wonderful - I think the angle has turned it into a really outstanding picture.