Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lampposts perspective

It seems that the two lampposts are going to touch themselves but it is impossible because they are quite far each other :-)

Sembra che i due lampioni stiano per toccarsi ma è impossibile perché abbastanza lontani l'un l'altro.
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Virginia said...

I love the angle through the archway. Lovely shot as always.

Massim. said...

Effetto davvero simpatico, ma un torinese non può cascarci ;-)

Laurie said...

Another elegant, gorgeous shot. Thank you Fabrizio!

Rob said...

Life is just a matter of perspectives!

MmeBenaut said...

Beautiful blue sky and pretty lamp posts too. It seems that all of Torino is beautiful through your lens, Fabrizio!

• Eliane • said...

Great angle. They are really very pretty those lampposts. Nice illusion too.