Saturday, May 31, 2008

Po overflowed

Last night after days and days of rain, Po overflowed in Torino at Murazzi. This photo has been taken yesterday (Friday) morning.

La scorsa notte dopo giorni e giorni di pioggia, il Po è traboccato a Torino ai Murazzi. Questa foto è stata scattata ieri (venerdì) mattina.
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Simo said...

i miei adorati murazzi sono sommersi lì sotto?!


• Eliane • said...

Wow, really impressive. I saw those pics on your photostream on Flickr. i did not realize right away what was going on until I saw the one with that poor lamppost.

Massim. said...

Accidenti che macello!!!

Mandy said...

days of rain
overpower the mighty Po
so it overflows

love from mandy

Tash said...

Dramatic photo. I hope there won't be too much damage to Torino.

Jilly said...

Oh, my goodness!