Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sergio Chiamparino the Mayor

This is the Mayor of Torino, Sergio Chiamparino. He is the most loved Mayor from citizens in Italy. I'm desolated about the poor qualty of the photo but I was far and I zoomed him. He was commemorating the April 25, 1945: Italian Liberation's day from Nazists and Fascists.

Questo è il Sindaco di Torino: Sergio Chiamparino. Il Sindaco più amato in Italia dai cittadini. Mi scuso per la pessima qualità della fotografia ma ero alquanto distante e ho usato un teleobiettivo. Il Sindaco stava commemorando il 25 Aprile 1945 giorno della Liberazione.
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mikeacoyle said...

Still it is an interesting photo.
Why is he the most popular mayor? Do you agree Fabrizio?

Jilly said...

I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and you see his face very clearly. He has a very strong yet kind face it seems to me. You really caught the moment, Fabrizio.

Sally said...

An important date in both my histories.

Sally said...

PS, "My" candidates in the Italian election were successful. The elected Oceania Deputy and Senator are both returned. The PD won 55.4 percent of the vote in Australia, 59.8 percent in Japan and 59.7 percent in India. Both Fedi and Randazzo come from melbourne. The Berlusconi candidates came from Sydney, and it became a bit of a rivalry. We got phone calls here in Sydney from the Berlusconis reminding us they were from SYDNEY! Lol.

And I got the most over-the-top rhetorical letter from Silvio! Great bog hugs and all his enduring love! We fell about laughing reading out all the superlatives and hyperbole.

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

@Mikeacoyle, the first reason is because he is trustworthy and Torino's citizens appreciated that. Second because he prefers "to be" than "to appear". Yes, I totally agreee !

@Jilly, you're in right and thank you about appreciation

@Sally, thank you millions of time about those precious results. With your permission I would like to mention in my other blog you and that (funny) letter you received. May I?

mikeacoyle said...

Thanks Fabrizio.
Have a good weekend.

Massim. said...

Che uomo! :-)
Ti ho già detto che gli ho stretto la mano qui a Roma? Era un giorno d'estate caldissimo e io con la faccia tosta mi sono avvicinato mentre parlava con non so quale capoccione e gli ho detto "che piacere vederla qui, signor sindaco..." :-)
Beh, è stato davvero gentile e disponibile.