Tuesday, February 5, 2008

San Massimo's Church

This photo is just an experiment at high ISO and free hand with a new camera. So I'm sorry if it came out so so. Anyway this is San Massimo's Church built in neo-classical style at crossing of via Mazzini and via San Massimo. I published a detail of its door HERE.

Questa foto è giusto un esperimento a ISO elevati e mano libera. Sono pertanto spiacente se il risultato è... così così :-) -- Si tratta della Chiesa di San Massimo costruita in stile neoclassico all'incrocio fra via Mazzini e via San Massimo. Ho pubblicato un dettaglio del suo portone QUI.
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Anonymous said...

Very little camera shake. You must have a steady hand.

Anonymous said...

What is your new camera?

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

In fact Clarice. The good is not my hand (not really steady) but the Nikon D300 that is able to take photographs at high ISO (with consequently high speed shutter) in good quality of image.