Saturday, February 2, 2008

Il Compleanno di Eataly

Last 27th of January was the first Eataly's birthday. So they created this t-shirt with written on:
Give me a
today is my
It seems it's very popular when girls wear it. Grin :-)

Lo scorso 27 Gennaio è stato il primo compleanno di Eataly. Per l'occasione sono state create queste t-shirt che, pare, riscuotano molto successo quando indossate dalle ragazze. Sorriso :-)
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Anonymous said...

I bet. ;-)

Chuck Pefley said...

Coloro somigliano molto divertente per alcune ragazze -:)

Barbara said...

Dear Torina!
Contratulations on your 1 year birthday...

Kate said...

Well, do tell--how many kisses did you get on your "birthday?"

b.c. said...